Lisinopril and diabetes

DOI: Therefore, professional high-quality care is essential for both patients and the healthcare system.

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The best way to evaluate the quality of care for a particular disease is the use of disease-specific registries. Until now, there has not been a registry evaluating characteristics and management of heart failure patients in Hungary. The Aim of this paper is to present the goals, methods and first year results of the Hungarian Heart Failure Registry.

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The goal of the Registry is to create a modern, web-based database that summarizes the data of large number of patients who are currently or were previously admitted to hospital or who are currently or were previously patients in an outpatient department due to severe heart failure NYHA III-IV. Currently 17 cardiology departments participate in the development of the Registry.

Megjelenés: A kutatási projekt a Veterans Affairs Nephropathy in Diabetes study elnevezés alatt zajlott, az eredmények prezentációjára az amerikai Kidney Week keretében került sor, és a New England Journal of Medicine ; hasábjain publikálták.

The planned number of patients is Initially follow-up was planned for one year pilot study. After the evaluation of the relevant experiences of the pilot study, long-term follow-up is planned.

After the first year, assessing the baseline parameters of patients enrolled in the Registry we found that the majority of patients The most frequent co-morbidity was hypertension followed by diabetes, lisinopril and diabetes insufficiency and COPD. The mean dose of neurohormonal antagonists was higher than half of the target dose defined by current guidelines.

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The use of cardiac resynchronisation therapy was The pharmacological and device therapy of patients who were enrolled in the Registry until now was fit the current guidelines' recommendations.

This, however, does not mean that lisinopril and diabetes management of heart failure is without problems in our country but that high quality patient care is available with adequate heart failure treatment in cardiology departments dedicated to heart failure care.

Keywords: demography; demográfia; etiology; etiológia; heart failure; registries; regiszter; szívelégtelenség.

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