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  • Vércukor, ahonnan 3 évig tart Túlsúlyos sebek a cukorbetegségben There is a condition called sebopsoriasis where seborrheic dermatitis and psoriasis overlap.

Diabetology What does diabetology specialise in? Diabetology specialises in carbohydrate metabolism disorders, diabetes and its complications as well as its treatment.

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Diabetes occurs if the pancreas does not produce enough of the hormone insulin but the insulin resistance of the body might also be the underlying cause. Diabetic itchy rash treatment which complaints, symptoms and diseases shall you contact our diabetology private practice? For Type 1 diabetes the most common symptoms are fatigue, vision impairment, itchy skin, excessive urination, constant feeling of hunger and thirst.

Type 1 diabetes can be traced back to the total lack of insulin and mostly occurs in children. At this age, sudden weight loss and frequent weariness may refer to diabetes. Lifestyle counselling, weight reduction What does our lifestyle counselling offer?

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It is a well-known fact that the majority of the Hungarian population does not move enoguh, and most often is also improperly nourished. However, we can do the most for the health of our body with nutrition and moving.

Our body was made for motion but if we do not move enough, it slowly degrades which may manifest in obesity, musculoskeletal disorders or in the decline of the stamina.

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The classes of Éva Kovács, motion therapist Lifestyle change with the assistance of a personal trainer. At Stefánia Clinic you have everything in one place for a successful lifestyle change. At our Szeged private clinic, Éva Kovács, diabetic itchy rash treatment trainer, motion therapist and lifestyle coach and Rita Mikulán, sports physician help those who want to live a long and healthy life or would finally like to get rid of excess kilos.

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Besides, at the Szeged Stefánia Clinic we contribute to the success of lifestyle change with complex screening examinations, diet counselling and with specialist practices complementing each other.