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diabetes primary care

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It provides HCPs with quick and easy access to functionalities which support diagnosis, patient dialogue and their own knowledge of diabetes. Diabetes Guide contains two main entries: 1 Patient Dialogue 2 Diabetes Wiki The Patient Dialogue consists of short animated videos each covering important areas of information for a newly diagnosed patient to be familiar with.

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The dialogue tool can be used sitting together with the patients and their relatives, or the Healthcare Professional can create a personalised playlist of the videos for the individual patient and his relatives to watch by themselves while waiting in the clinic. The Diabetes Wiki is a tool for the Diabetes primary care Professional to get a quick access to clinical knowledge about éhezés cukorbetegség, such as diagnosis, treatment and more.

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Most of the content is text-based and short, and sometimes supported with illustrations and animations. Part of the content can be extended to get access to more information about the subject.

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Diabetes Management - Abridged for Primary Care Providers

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