Insulin pump

Mit jelent az inzulinpumpa kezelés?

Insulin-delivery patch monitors and manages glucose levels 6th February am 10th February am Researchers have made advances with an insulin-delivery patch that could one day monitor and manage insulin pump levels in diabetics and deliver insulin.

Drug capsule could take sting out of insulin ingestion The study, published in Nature Biomedical Engineeringdescribes research conducted on mice and pigs.

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Gu and colleagues conducted the initial successful tests of the smart insulin patch in insulin pump in in North Carolina. It has doses of insulin pre-loaded in microneedles, that deliver medicine quickly when the blood sugar levels reach a certain threshold.

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The researchers said the advantage is that it can help prevent overdosing of insulin. The insulin can be injected with a needle and syringe, a pen-like device, or delivered by an insulin pump, which is a portable mobile phone-sized instrument attached to the body through a tube with a needle on the end.

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A smart insulin patch would sense the need for insulin and deliver it. The researchers said they are applying for US Food and Drug Administration approval for human clinical trials, which could start within a few years.

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