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I am currently pursuing my PhD in Environmental Science and I happen to be in my 3rd year of studies. I chose University of Szeged because its one of the top ranked research university in Hungary known for its good reputation in the fields of health and natural sciences.

Coming from the Philippines with diabetes pronunciation warm climate, I had huge preference of Szeged for my studies, the city having the most rays of sunshine and considered diabetes pronunciation be the warmest place in Hungary. Currently I am in the first year of my four-year PhD programme. Among the other available options, this was my first choice.

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Apart from its excellent ranking, I got my supervisor with similar research interest. The increasing number of international students gave me a comfort diabetes pronunciation having a cosmopolitan environment.

After starting my studies here in SeptemberI am convinced that I could not expect more.

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Everyone here including the professors, the administrators, and the students are very friendly and helpful. They make studies a joyous journey instead of pile of classes and books.

During his final days, Bahadoor suffered various health ailments, like diabeteshypertension and high cholesterol. Diabetes pronunciation napjaiban Bahadoor különféle egészségügyi betegségeket szenvedett, például cukorbetegséget, magas vérnyomást és magas koleszterinszintet. Copy Report an error A sedentary lifestyle increases the risk factors associated with AF, such as obesity, hypertensionor diabetes mellitus.

After my graduation, I will return to my home country. The knowledge and the experience that I have been receiving here will be a great resource for my academic career.

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I intend to continue my research further and expect to contribute to policy formulation at national and international level.