Diabetic macular edema treatment cost. Cost-effectiveness of a risk based secondary screening program of type 2 diabetes

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Available online xxx Cohort characteristics were derived from national database, clinical history data ofKeywords: national diabetic macular edema treatment cost and expert opinions. The purchase of one additional quality adjusted life year through the service Cost effectiveness of licensed GPs is EURcompared to outpat; ient care provision.

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Modeling Conclusions: The management of diabetes care with licensed GPs has the potential to improve Capitation payment patients health gains compared to the current patterns of care in Hungary in a cost-effective way if licensed GPs are reimbursed below the average current cost of outpatient diabetes services.

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Background Diabetes affects 58 million people in Europe and million worldwide, and this number is expected to rise to million until Diabetes reduces life expectancy and affects quality of life through a variety of complications as microvascular and macrovascular diseases [2]. Aging population and the increasing prevalence of chronic diseases such as T2DM causes a massive increase in health service demand.

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Specialist outpatient care waiting lists are growing worldwide, and the demand for chronic disease diabetic macular edema treatment cost dangers the access to acute services [3,4].

On the other hand, development in medical technology has significantly increased the possibilities of diagnostics and disease management in primary care.

A Chromogranin-A és az 1-es típusú diabetes mellitus kapcsolata. Szintén in vitro kísérletekkel tudták igazolni, hogy a vasostatin, mely szintén a β-granin mennyiségű egyéb hormont, vagy ha az egyéb szérum markerek — pl.

With technological innovations becoming more widely available, it is possible and necessary to involve GPs with advanced skills and knowledge in areas of growing importance like chronic diseases [5].

Multimorbidity is very common, managing diabetes, renal failure, coronary heart disease, depression and osteoporosis for one patient is not unusual. Optimal management of comorbidities requires more knowledge as well as social and community support services.

Látták: Átírás 1 A diabéteszes maculopathia diagnosztikája és kezelése Reverzibilis-e a Delagil-premaculopathia? Berta András Főszerkesztő: Dr.

Appropriately skilled general practitioners can provide this type of care for less expense than most outpatient departments [6]. Based on the position paper of Maier et al. There is evidence, that outcome differences between treating T2DM patients within primary or secondary care are non-significant [8,9].

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In the Netherlands the mean HbA1c and systolic blood pressure in primary care remained significantly lower than in secondary care after adjusting for case mix and clustering [10]. In Italy, local Healthcare Districts are allowed to provide specific remuneration to their GPs for activities to encourage GPs to carry out additional activities like regular check-ups of patients to improve the diabetes care.

Iezzi et al. Management of diabetes patients in the Hungarian health system is shared by diabetes specialists and general practitioners. Patients with suspected diagnosis of diabetes are usually referred to diabetes specialists for diagnosis in some cases, general practitioners diagnose patients with type 2 diabetes and set-up the initial treatment plan in an outpatient care unit.

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The management of diabetes is either done by these specialists or by the general practitioners depending on the availability of the specialist care in the access of the patient. Some elements of diabetes management requires license, thus if the patient is managed by his GP, he still has to consult timeto-time a diabetes specialist. There are general practitioners with a diabetes care license same license as the diabetes specialist in outpatient care but they are not permitted to carry out the same activities, according to current regulations in Hungary i.

To provide better access to diabetes care, we investigated the cost-effectiveness of the endowment of the same authority and responsibility to licensed GPs LGPs as licensed outpatient specialists OP. To explore the costs and benefits of introducing LGPs in the system and to recommend methods to remunerate such activities a health economic analysis was initiated.

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Methods 2. The model depicts the progression of diabetes and its treatment consequences through physiological parameters and the incidence of disease specific complications. The model projects long-term outcomes for type 2 diabetic population over time by taking into account baseline patient characteristics, history of complications, changes in physiological parameters, effects of treatment, management and diabetic macular edema treatment cost programs.

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The model follows the entire lifespan of persons and diabetic macular edema treatment cost important phases of the disease and related interventions.

Patients are exposed to disease and treatment specific events, which depict disease progression and diabetes-related care. The model replicates important complications of diabetes, which are, coronary heart disease, retinopathy, macular edema, hypoglycemia, nephropathy, neuropathy, foot ulcer, peripheral vascular disease, stroke and ketoacidosis.

As a final step it calculates outcomes, in monetary and naturalistic units, as life years, quality adjusted life years, avoided events and associated costs. Further details on model specification and input parameters are reported in the original publication [12].

Patients who purchased at least 4 times antidiabetic medication ATC 10 in the previous 12 months were defined as having diabetes.

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As the model calculates until the age of years, patient older than years at start of the analysis were not simulated. The NHIFA database contains information about gender, age, hypertension status, hypercholesterolemia, antidiabetic medication, acute myocardial infarction and stroke history, dialysis, early erythropoietin EPO administration predialyzed statusperipheral vascular disease, kidney transplantation and limb amputation due to diabetic foot ulcer.

With the given mean and standard deviation values, the numbers were randomly chosen from normal distribution for each patient. Further missing population parameters were taken from the National Health Interview Survey [15] statistics as alcohol intake, smoking status, cardiovascular history, ischemic heart disease and coronary heart disease.

These inputs were assigned to patients randomly based on gender and age group 30—49, 50— Treatment history data were derived from the population data and tuned based on expert opinion.