Diabetes and heart palpitations

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Acta Paediatrica 3.

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Gegesi Kiss, L. Liebermann : Personality Disorders and a temporary tutor. Admission to the Institute for Defective Children of the oligophrenic brother, meaning the greatest burden for the patient, was endeavoured but the mother did not consent.

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Inthe patient came again to the child guidance centre. Pain over the heart, palpitation, fainting, nausea did not recur, but she complained of headaches.

Ophthalmological, neuro­logical and cardiological examina­tions, apart from the above men­tioned systolic murmur, were again negative. According to our opinion, the cause of the headaches was that, al­though the patient now went to school more or less regularly, her situation in the family became worse, the oligo­phrenic brother having in the mean­time grown much stronger, more ag­gressive and caused more and more trouble.

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The patient finished school in and our social case worker found an employment for her in a foodstuff factory. There she worked most effi­ciently, was free of complaints, her colleagues diabetes and heart palpitations and helped her in every respect. In the following years, although she was passed child âge, her relation to the child guidance centre has been maintained, she comes to talk, to seek help in some of her practical problems.

Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center Summary: Bradycardia -- a slower than normal heartbeat -- does not increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, according to a study. The heart usually beats between 60 and times a minute in an adult at rest.

So, for instance, a summer camping was arranged for her, etc. Pain over the heart, palpitations, fainting did not reappear.

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Inshe came again with the complaint of severe headaches. This, however, could not be traced back to the effect of a primary psychological environmental damage, but to sinusi­tis.

She was admitted to and cured in a municipal hospital.

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The situation of the patient has finally been solved when at last in the mother consented to give the oligophrenic brother into a suit­able institution, the boy having be­come unbearably aggressive. This was arranged by the child guidance centre, eliminating the last environmental damage. The patient, who has grown into an independent adult, is still followed ­­up from time to time.

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She works at a suitable place. Ever since the envi­ronmental traumata had ceased, not only her organic symptoms have dis­appeared but also the personality disturbances have been solved.

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Help is needed if some problems or troubles arise in her individual life. The diagnostic difficulty and inte­rest of the present case is that on the basis of classical paediatric investiga­tions we would have easily been mis­lead, since the 13 years old patient with complaints of palpitation diabetes and heart palpitations pain over the heart, had had rheuma­tic fever 3 years previously, and at admission a mitral insufficiency could be demonstrated.

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By not taking ut­most care when establishing the diag­nosis, the complaints could have been taken for symptoms of the past rheu­matic carditis. Fortunately, on the basis of our large experience with Acta paediat.

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