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ARPe profile

Change happens, but it does not have to control us. An organization can learn to harness the power of change and achieve greater success, but only with an accurate assessment and implementation of authority, responsibility, and power. The ARPe Inventory is the key to assessing our attitudes towards authority, responsibility, and power.

The Authority Responsibility Power profile (ARPe) is designed to identify the levels of authority and degrees of responsibility assumed by an individual. In addition, bases of perceived power are ranked according to individual preferences. The results will help show how you view yourself relative to others, your willingness to assume responsibility, the types of power which are most desirable to you. The ARPe will also identity the potential amount of power you create when interacting with others.

Knowing how you present yourself, how you respond to and create power is useful in:

  • Your own self-development
  • Understanding others
  • Leading a more productive personal and professional life
  • Developing your leadership capacities
  • Creating transforming power
  • Interacting more effectively in groups
  • Becoming more valuable to your community in particular and society in general

The ARPe Inventory is online. Participants can take the assessment online and have their scores and all supporting feedback materials presented to them immediately upon completion of the assessment. Pre-approved customers can take the ARPe Inventory online by proceeding to the Customer Entrance. If you are not pre-approved, please contact us.

Group Surveys are available, as are paper-pencil versions in English, French, German, and Italian. If you are interested in the ARPe Inventory, please feel free to contact us.

Pathways to Power. The ARPe Inventory determines a relative authority and responsibility score for each participant. These scores are presented in graph form with authority as one axis and responsibility as the other. Each quadrant of this graph presents its own unique character. By identifying where we stand we can take purposeful action to increase our authority, expand our responsibility, and enhance our ability to create power.

If, according to results, you are

Continue to increase both your authority and responsibility
Seek ways to both lead and serve
Increase your expertise
Act with greater compassion

Hold your authority and increase your responsibility
Increase your willingness to commit and follow through
Set healthy boundaries for yourself
Focus on collaboration - create a connectedness with others

Hold your responsibility and increase your authority
Review your self concept
Increase your self esteem
Increase your sense of mastery and confidence
Increase both authority and responsibility
Search for common ground with others (responsibility)
Identify your values (authority)
Act on your values (responsibility)

In this process will filling in ARPe profile, its results, descriptions and related training-consulting help you.

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