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FCS "A coach is someone who tells you what you don't want to hear, who has you see what you don't want to see, so you can be who you have always known you could be.”
(Tom Landry, American football coach)

In February 2015, the Flow Coaching School, a member of the FLOW Group, will launch another training course where participants are trained using the methods of Gestalt therapy. The method has lasting benefits for our clients even in the short term. Gestalt, a movement that started in the 1920’s in Germany, then underwent further development in America, is a school in which the coach is not only present in the process intellectually, but also monitors the client, herself, and the system the two of them constitute, and also urges the client to do so, with the result that they are both present in the process that brings change in a more aware fashion, sharing their feelings as well, with their whole selves.
In effect, the coach notices, and makes the client notice the bodily and mental signs that provide highly valuable information about how the client experiences various events and changing situations, and which help to put them in a new light. As at the Flow Coaching School, we work with participants in the same way we work with actual clients, our graduates gain direct experience of the methods of mindful attention and the processes of working with deeper issues, while they also get a feel for what clients experience during coaching. Accordingly, the school has participants rather than students, who will gain the ability to use their own emotions and thoughts successfully so as to cooperate in the development of another person and to help others deal with their internal obstacles. They become perceptibly more personally effective, and, according to the reports of their clients, problems that had previously appeared to be intractable disappear, dissolve, and impossible situations turn into manageable conditions that exhibit improvement.

The tenth class at the Flow Coaching School will begin in February 2015. All are welcome!

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  • dr. Erős Ilona
  • Richard Bents, PhD
The one-year program:
Code Title Duration Date
  Initial interviews 1 hour February 2015
K1 Coaching skills development with Gestalt method 3 days 24-26 February 2015
K2 Coaching skills development with Gestalt method 3 days 14-16 April 2015
  ARPe – Certification training (optional) 3 days 19-21 May 2015
K3 Coaching skills development with Gestalt method 2 days 24-25 June 2015
  GPOP – Certification training (optional) 3 days 7-9 September 2015
K4 Coaching skills development with Gestalt method 2 days 28-29 October 2015
Closing interviews 1 hour November 2015

As the skills development courses are built on each other as well as on the ARP and POP courses we only accept applications for the rest of the program as a whole.

Feedback from graduates:

“At the Flow Coaching School, I experienced a new and extremely efficient mode of learning and developing. The method is simple, clear, and workable in any situation. It has helped me locate my secret resources. Its effect is manifest and clear in my work as well as other areas of my life. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made.”

(Tünde Sarkadi, coach)

“After coaching school, I look at the world with new eyes. It has taught me that I don’t need to keep trying to find solutions for the other person compulsively, they are quite capable of finding solutions themselves.”

(HR director of a bank)
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