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GPOP-MBTI card package
Jungian Personality Profile Cards

For all trainers, consultants, coaches and HR professionals who work with the Jungian personality profiles, be it the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI) or Golden Personality Type Profiler® (GPTP), you will need a tool to identify someone’s type quickly, playfully and interactively. For this have we developed the Personality Profile Cards, which helps the identification with caricatures and texts on them. As the result of the process will be the four letters of the client’s profile (source of energy, perception, decision-making, life style), the user of the cards has to have the knowledge and also the description of types, something to be handed it to the client.
To support this, if a minimum of ten people come together, we hold a GPTP Certification Training, in the course of which we prepare the participants to use GPTP questionnaires. Beyond that we hold a one-day training to give ideas on using the cards in personal and teamwork.
The card is not a reliable tool for identifying personality profiles, so it is important the person validates his or her type. We teach how to use the cards on the one-day training.

There is no reliable tool for identifying personality types in Hungarian. The reliability research of GPTP is proceeding at present, which has the advantage that this research version can be used free of charge.
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