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Certification Trainings

GPOP® Certification Training

The certification training for Golden Profiler of Personality® (see Questionnaires). This questionnaire is identical in its four basic dimensions to that of MBTI® (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator). The difference is that the Hungarian questionnaire is approved/copyrighted, as well as it is more in the way it includes a stress scale and later on it will also have subscales, which makes easy to understand the results of questionnaires.
The four basic dimensions are based on Carl Gustav Jung’s theory of personality, according to which we have inborn preferences just like being right-handed or left-handed. In POP these appear in four fields:

  • Where we collect energy from (Extraversion – Introversion)
  • How we collect information from our environment (Sensing – iNtuition)
  • How we make decisions (Thinking – Feeling)
  • How we appear to the outside world (Organizing – Adapting)

These preferences join into specific personality types. This type of our personality manifests itself in the way we relate to people and things around us, how we act and communicate, what we like in others and what cause difficulties with them. By learning about these we can recognize the roots of our past successes and failures, and thus we can get closer to find what and how we want to change.
Those who are certified are entitled to buy and use the Hungarian, English and German versions of the questionnaire. The English and German questionnaires include subscales already. Without a certificate only the Hungarian questionnaire may be used for free as long as research for validation is in progress.
On the three-day certification training the participants learn theory, the history of typology, the construction of the questionnaire, how to interpret the results and there is supervised practice on giving feedback. A few months later there will be a tracking day where we discuss the experiences the participants had since the training, and the participants also write an exam according to international standards.
We recommend the qualification training for those who as leaders, HR professionals, consultants, and trainers are to deal with people, questions of collaboration and leadership.
The training is held by Ilona Erős and Richard Bents, the authors of the Hungarian questionnaire. We provide translating.

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