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GPOP Personality Profile
GPOP© – Golden Profiler of Personality

POP© (Profiler of Personality) is based on Carl Gustav Jung’s theory on personality and preference. The present system and questionnaire is the result of 50 years of research and development done by Isabel Briggs-Myers and John Golden. By learning this tool one can distinguish between sixteen personality types, which are functioning differently but still are equal. In addition, one can find out about how the person filling in the questionnaire relates to stress. It is efficiently applicable in talent management, leadership development, and communication and collaboration development.
According to Jung’s type theory we have inborn preferences just like being right-handed or left-handed. In POP these appear in four fields:

  • Where we collect energy from (Extraversion – Introversion)
  • How we collect information from our environment (Sensing – iNtuition)
  • How we make decisions (Thinking – Feeling)
  • How we appear to the outside world (Organizing – Adapting)

These preferences join into specific personality types. This type of our personality manifests itself in the way we relate to people and things around us, how we act and communicate, what we like in others and what cause difficulties with them. By learning about these we can recognize the roots of our past successes and failures, and thus we can get closer to find what and how we want to change.
Once we have learned our own personality type and the characteristics of other types, our awareness about ourselves and our environment will increase. In addition, this will lead to a better cooperation with different types of people, more efficient communication and relationship building as well as more successful leadership.
It is also valuable knowledge how we react to stress, how we can handle stress and what we can learn from uncontrolled stress.

The main fields of GPOP®’s application are trainings and consulting with the intention of getting to know oneself, others and developing collaboration with them. Thus it is applicable everywhere where to use cooperative skills and to know how people respond to the effects of their environment is important. It is most efficient for the work of managers, consultants, ones dealing with clients, initiating or suffering/enduring changes and for pedagogues. To know this can also be a help in finding the roots of family conflicts.
You can find the background theory in C. G. Jung’s book “Psychological Types.”

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