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We work with organizations for which both efficiency and the human aspect are important. As much as the management regard their work as something belonging to their own competency, we are able to support their will to increase their efficiency.
 For the existing will, we offer the method.

Our name is expressive: Anima-Ráció Konzultánsok

Anima: meaning soul in Latin. In the 20th Century, analyst Carl Gustav Jung renewed the word, interpreting it as the free and intuitive feminine soul of men, as a counterpart of animus, the fighting and organized masculine soul of women, according to Jungian theory.
Ráció: meaning order, system and science in Latin (ratio).
The combination of the two terms reflects that both intuition and science, freedom and order are necessary for success.  We contribute in developing and making it lasting.
It is a special extra that with Konzultánsok (the Hungarian word for consultants) the initial letters join together in the word ARK. This abbreviation refers to Noah’s ark, in our conception to that there are means to conquer new territories for those who are willing to take this challenging and sometimes doubtful journey.

Operational Principles

  • We do not share any part of discussions or events involving clients and leaders or groups, personal information, and personal evaluations with a third party.
  • If a problem that exceeds the scope of the contract emerges, we discuss it with the client and also give a proposition about the possible steps to be taken.
  • We only work with a person as a client when no emotional relationship exists. If this develops during process, the organizational work will be halted.
  • We work according to the ethical code of the Hungarian OD Association.
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