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Training for team building

There are several team building programs of differing styles currently. Of offer the following:

  • team building through getting to know personality types, and
  • training based on out-door experience.

In both cases we consider it important to deal also with problems and themes of collaboration within the organization.

Team building trainings with personality profiles

Upon successful completion of the training participants will:

  • Understand the concept and questionnaire of Golden Profiler of Personality® (GPOP).
  • Get to know their own personality types, its advantages and possible catches.
  • Establish keys to get to know others, and make good use of it in work and customer relations.
  • Get to know what kind of communication different personality types feel comfortable with.
  • Diversity appeared as value, despite every hardship of communication.
Possible topics

Overview and development of communication:

  • Unfolding the present status of organizational communication, its good or imperfect functioning.
  • Developing personal communication skills and channels of organizational communication.

Conflict management

  • Review the advantages and disadvantages of ways and personal variants of conflict management.
  • We teach, model and practice methods and strategies of conflict management.

Other, previously arranged topics:
On previous discussions the values of collaboration in the organization become clear and also the fields that may need development.

Team building training with outdoor elements


Upon successful completion of the Team building training the participants will:

  • Have developed personal relations.
  • Increased team cohesion and improving mutual trustfulness.
  • Practice efficient management of unexpected and planned challenges amidst constant changes, under time pressure.
  • Enhanced communication within group.
  • Expereinced personal regeneration, gaining collective experiences.
The method of the training is based on learning through experiencing. In this knowledge put into practice and development of skills dominate, rather than theory and conveying knowledge.
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