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Some opinions from our workshops
  • I am influenced very strongly by what I understand and this is not the whole. I feel the strength of this tool and if I think of working with it with someone else, this is frightening and exciting in the same time. I love, that it is focused on development and it helps.
  • I find it useful, I got feedback from areas, new aspects, that I haven’t experienced in an objective way like this. I would like to try with others, this will give them a useful “starting point” too. I believe, the goal is really the first quadrant, and I can represent this, however I need to learn a lot, how to get up, or how to stay in the first quadrant.
  • The content is very logical and “striking”. It can be used well with individuals (and I hope, with groups too, but I don’t rush to try there)
  • Super! I didn’t think, I would learn as much – especially not about myself – in these three days. And what is the best for me, that this is not a “painful” facing of reality, but a very exciting discovery. In the same time, I feel, that in usng ARP I would be confident enough for a real coaching process.
  • I find this tool very usable. Great content, insightful. Much possibility, good basis for planning further steps.
  • I like this tool very much. I don’t feel it is mine, to use it, but with trying in practicing client situation, I will.
  • I liked it very much, it helped me to understand a lot of my own processes.
  • Clarification of concepts will be the key. But it gives a good basis.
  • It helped me to understand more the coaching process, and helped to do learning steps. I find the method useful to open up new perspectives in front of a coaching process if it gets stuck.
  • TOP. The content is very good, the theory was a little bit too much, but needed. I will be able to use the questionnaire.
  • The timing was comfortable, and this is a little strange, that I enjoyed it, and didn’t get tense by its slowliness. The bilingual aspect made it deeper , I felt greater weight on what I heard, I could digest more. The meaning of the two scales is not clear yet, and their relationship with power, but it is okay. I impacted by what I feel, and I feel, I will be able to use it, and the picture will be clearer, for sure.
  • At the end it became clear, now I understand why we needed the theory.  It was good to learn from each other, but it was fantastic clear, wise, still simple, when Rich summed up somehting, or told us his own experience. This is true, when Ila talked about how she does a validity conversation. I think, everything was understandable. For me it is more important to feel, and I feel it. J
  • Well structured and can be understood. The + explanations to increase 10 % would be good. Stories will stay, this is extremely useful.
  • For me the process is logically structured, easy to follow. I didn’t feel even the theory too much, however it is a fact, that I got very tired for the end of the theoretical blocks, and it was hard to pay attention.
  • Learning by own experience worked very effectively. This was based an open, trustful atmosphere. Experiential knowledge of Rich and Ila helped a lot.
  • It was hard to understand the logic at the beginning, I needed 2-3 days to process. However I didn’t reject it, I don’t mind, I didn’t share my results with everyone. I need time to work on it, making meaning of it, and I don’t want to talk about it in a crowd and learn from it. I thought at the beginning, translation is not necessary, Rich is easy to understand. But I realized, the picture was more whole with comments of Ila, so it is better that we had the translation, and we could more easily or express ourselves in Hungarian more precisely.
  • The process and its usefulness became totally clear for the end of the 3rd day. The places of some concepts and definitions weren’t totally clear, but I hope, it will be late r on.
  • We spent a lot of time with clarification of concepts, and we needed this. The balance between theory and practice was relevant, but timing wasn’t (too much theory at the beginning) Both Ila and Rich explains well. Rich’s examples were very clear.
    • It was very good, when we used the real examples from the group
    • It may be interesting to grab comments in the group showing a preference (this is an F type comment, etc.)
    • The examples brought by the facilitators and the group were very good
    • The reactions played by Rich were very clear about the types.
    • Examinations from different aspects clarified the certain types in details (motivation, humor, profession…)
    • More tasks to take the hats of different types. Very clarifying.
    • At the end, the case studies (play roles) were very good – I would like more from this (maybe it is better to have a four day training)
    • Preparation for the role play + feedback from Rich, were very useful.
    • Examples from practice / experiences, as well as the role plays were very useful.
    • I liked it very much now, too.
    • It is good to work, learn with you.
    • Well built structure. Understandable language.
    • Thanks a lot. You gave the high quality, as usual!
    • Four days would be better, since practicing facilitates understanding
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